Getting Started with rbxTech

Getting Started with rbxTech

Posted on : 04 Jan, 2022    |    Last Update - 7 months ago   

New towards rbxTech, and feeling a little bit lost? We have you in good hands!


1. Our communications server is currently the centre of our marketing, therefore in order to purchase products, you must join the Communications Server.

2. Our hub ( is listed under our Roblox Group. 

3. When entering the Hub, it will give you a few instructions. The main is linking your Discord account with the Hub. In order to do so, copy and paste the set of numbers and letters as so. In #commands, type !link [COPY AND PASTE], therefore allowing the bot to link you towards rbxTech Hub.

4. If the command is not working, the bot may be down.

5. Once your account is linked, you will have access towards the Hub.

6. In order to purchase products, enter the gui labeled "Browse Products". There, you should see sets of products with a gui labeled "View" under them.

7. Choose the product you want, click view, purchase it, and you should be sent a rbxl or rbxm copy in your DMs!


If your product was not sent, please view the other help documents prior to purchase.

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