Discord Rules

Discord Rules

Posted on : 04 Jan, 2022    |    Last Update - 7 months ago   

These rules are effective on ALL RAMPAGE Interactive Discords. Failure to follow these rules will result in punishments.



  1. A1. Do not discriminate anybody for their gender, sexuality, or race

  2. A2. Do not flood the chat or spam. You will be given 3 warnings either manually or automatically (via our bot) and then you’ll be banned.

  3. A3. Do not post any NSFW links, gore, or sexual images. Doing so will get you banned instantly. We have AI on our bot that will determine if you posted any of the above.

  4. A4. Do not impersonate as others.

  5. A5. Do not post server invites or anything that can promote you without our permission (specifically administrators and above). Doing so will get you banned instantly.

  6. A6. Do not dox or revealing other people’s personal information on here and/or DoS’ing or DDoS’ing. Doing so will be an instant ban.

  7. A7. Do not ping staff members for unimportant reasons.

  8. A8. Do not start drama and/or fight against others. Doing so or participating will get you 1 warning to your total amount of warnings.

  9. A9. We reserve the right to ban or kick you if we feel like it’s necessary. Even possibility suspension and termination of product service on RAMPAGECloud.

  10. A10. We can decide what to do when you / someone else breaks the rules. Conditions may not apply above if we feel it’s necessary.

  11. A11. Leaking or revealing plot points to upcoming movies, events, games will result in harsh punishments.

  12. A12. Spoiler trolls (nice car), chain texts, singing, weird fonts in discord name/nicknames, emoji/reaction spam, ghost pinging, etc will result in harsh punishments.


  1. B1. Being loud, Annoying, Soundboards, Voice Changers, Ear-Rape etc. Will result in a server mute.

  2. B2. Inappropriate audio is strictly not allowed.


Use common sense, respect all users, staff, etc.

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